In 1885, in Brattleboro, Vermont, George and Charles Dunham sold premium handcrafted boots to outdoor pioneers looking to survive the rigors of New England. Though the brand has changed over the 130+ years, men’s expectations around their footwear has not. They still want shoes that can be worn wherever, whenever and with whatever. Dunham's shoes are unapologetically sturdy and in it for the long haul. Each pair is thoughtfully designed with built-in technologies and waterproof features to provide extra stability, support and cushioning. Browse our Dunham selection offering extensive widths (D-6E) in a variety of styles.

Battery Park Slip-On


2 colors available

8000 Lace Up Boot

$135.00 $190.00

1 color available

D Fitsmart Slipper

$100.00 $145.00

2 colors available

Blucher Ltd Lace-Up Sneaker

From $180.00

2 colors available