Choose Robeez for a child's first pair of shoes. Since 1994, the brand has grown from a mom’s home-based business to a leading manufacturer of durable soft-soled kids shoes. Robeez mimic barefeet providing toe grip, balance and unrestricted growth. They use high quality leather and materials for a flexible, lightweight construction and their elasticized ankles ensure they easily go on and stay on. We dare you not to grin while browsing our adorable collection of Robeez below.

Beige baby shoes with polar bears on them.
Silver glittery baby shoes with brown outsoles and stars on the heels.
6 multi-coloured striped socks from Robeez varsity collection.
White, beige and gold shoes with white toe cap and cat whiskers across front.
Brown leather bavy shoes.
Pair of Robeez soft soles with black space design and rocket ships on toes
Navy and cream leather baby shoes with moon and star design.
Red and blue Spiderman baby leather shoes.
Pink leather shoes with elephant design on top.
Size socks in different colours with animals on them
Grey leather shoes with Darth Vader and Storm Troppers on them.
Brown and green leather baby shoes that look like Baby Yoda.
Blue leather baby shoes with silver robots on them.
Brown fox booties with snap closure and white furry fox face on toe.
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