Gen3 All-In Laced Sneakers

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Explore endless possibilities with these timeless sneakers, perfect for your everyday adventures. Their versatile design guarantees comfort and style throughout the day.

  • Plant-based uppers are made with grapes, cactus, apples, corn and pineapple
    • GrapeSkin:  55% vegetable resin & grape, 45% water PU (made in Italy)
    • CactusSkin: 35% cactus, 65% bio polyurethane (made in Mexico)
    • AppleSkin: 26% apple, 38% polyurethane, 20% polyester, 16% cotton (made in Italy)
    • CornSkin: 43% corn polyols, 26% FSC viscose, 31% polyurethane (made in Italy)
    • PineappleSkin: 2% pineapple fiber, 20% polylactic acid, 5% bio polyurethane, 5% polyurethane (made in Spain)
  • Adjustable 100% cotton lace closure offers a secure, customized fit
  • Soft, breathable lining is made with 75% bamboo and 25% polyester
  • Orthotic-friendly with padded removable insole
  • Certified Peta-Approved Vegan - cruelty free and does not contain any animal products or by-products
  • 70% natural and 30% recycled rubber outsole offers traction and grip
  • Handcrafted in Portugal

BIO-MATERIALS: Get your all your favorite bio-materials in one pair.

  • GRAPES-The wine industry in Italy produces tons of wine each year, during the process the waste wine is usually thrown away. Now, the grape waste is mixed with water-based PU and applied on a recycled polyester woven textile to create GrapeSkin, a leather-like material.
  • CORN - Just about anything made from a barrel of oil can be made from a bushel of corn which is why renewable, environmentally-friendly corn is replacing petroleum products. Corn grown in Europe for industrial use (non-edible) is processed into ethanol and the waste and by-products, which would otherwise be waste, is used to create a CornSkin, a leather-like material.
  • APPLES - Apple waste is mixed with cotton, polyester and PU to create AppleSkin, a durable leather like material. Skins would otherwise be destroyed which is not only expensive but also damages the environment.
  • CACTUS - Cacti are organically grown in their natural habitat, meaning no irrigation system or chemicals are used to grow cacti. Mature leaves are harvested, keeping the core of the cacti intact, meaning in 6-8 months the leaves will have grown back and the cacti can be re-harvested. After they are dried, they are processed with stabilizers to create a durable, water-resistant, breathable, easy-to-clean CactusSkin material.
  • PINEAPPLE - Long leaf fibers are extracted, washed and naturally dried. Then it’s mixed with a corn-based polylactic acid to create a non-woven mesh which is then coloured and coated with a bio-based PU, creating a durable PineappleSkin. This process provides work for farming communities in the Philippines.

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